Try This Features On Android 11

Well its time to upgrade the old Android 10 to the latest launched Android 11,which is recently launched by the Google.This update is already being hitting the Google Pixel devices.Flagship phones like OnePlus,Oppo,Realme and other have already started working on the Android 11 based on there custom UI's to stand out in the market with there own trademark.

The Android 11 brings more updates to the Android 10 itself.The UI of Android 11 compared to the UI Android 10 is not much but the Android 11 has worked more toward the new feature section.If you have installed the new update or the developer mode of this Android then this are the following features what this update brings to the table.

A better notification panel-

Google has always worked toward its notification panel to give the user better notification interface to the users.Android 11 introduces notification categories,namely,conversions,Alerting and silent.The conversion category give the chat option to the user to chat from notification itself for the apps like WhatsApp,Facebook,Telegram, will also allow users to even post the quick reply from the notification share itself.

Alerting category includes the notification like Missed calls alerts,app push and some similar notifications.

Android 11 has also brought a cool notification feature which is also called as the history notification that allows the users to check every single notification which is missed by the users.In case if you swiped the notification by mistake then also the notification history will show you that notification.Also if someone deleted the WhatsApp message then also you can see the deleted messages in the notification history.

New Media Control-

Well the media control has been the most important part of the new update that is Android 11.To offer a better user experience Google has now added media control  in the quick Settings section of the notification shade.

By swiping the notification panel user can take a glance at the media control,which will show the app's logo fro where the media is being played like if you are paying the music from Spotify then the notification panel will show the spotify icon/app logo.If further pull the notification doen then you can seen more information about the music.

Screen Recording-

Well the screen recording has always been there on IOS and some Android devices out there,but this time Google is set to add this feature to the Google Pixel devices with better and smooth experience.

So that was my take on the features of the Android 11.Thank you guys for reading this blog,If you want to see more such blogs daily then please share and stay connected with us.

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