YouTube Is Planning To Add Picture-in-Picture Mode For the IOS App

YouTube Is Planning To Add Picture-in-Picture Mode For the IOS App.This mode is only available for a limited number of users as of now,that means YouTube is testing this version with few videos.

According to the report by 9To5Mac the Google-owned YouTube application is been testing the picture-in-picture (PiP) mode for the IOS application.this mode is available for iPad users since IOS 9 and the Apple has also enabled this feature for the iPhone range using IOS 14 update.

Once the user has enabled this mode,it will work similar to the other apps that can play the video on youtube and even after closing the app you can still watch the video in a smaller windows.the video floats over the IOS home screen or any other app the user is using.

But But But,there is a twist to the tale,you can only use picture-in-picture mode only if you subscribe to YouTube Premium.This service is available at 129 Rupees per month,while you can even subscribe to the family subscription that allows up to 5 users which will cost you 189 rupees a month.

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