Why Did Facebook CEO Slammed Apple In Front Of The Company's 50,000 Employees

According to the report by BuzzFeed News.facebook CEO is really angry with APPLE.Zuckerberg dissed Apple during a recent world-wide company meeting.Replying to a question on APPLE control over what is allowed on the iphone phones and iPad,Facebook CEO reportedly said that the company has "UNIQUE Stranglehold" as a gatekeeper on what is allowed on the phone and what is not.He also said that apple App store only allows the things that are favourable to them,which "Blocks Innovation,Block Competition" and "Allows Apple to change monopoly rents"

That means Apple doesn't allow new innovations,preety shocking right?

The verbal comment is made by Zukerberg in front of 50,000 Facebook employees via webcast."That's innovation that could really improve people's lives" Zukerberg said as per the report."And Apple's just balking at it"he is said to have added.

The report also added that Mark Zuckerberg also slammed Apple over their privacy terms and conditions in the IOS 14,which is the upcoming version of the mobile.Recently Facebook warned the advertisers of the potential effects of privacy changes in IOS 14.

Zuckerberg was also specifically asked about the iPhone maker's recent decision about the certain gaming apps on the AppStore,including Microsoft,xCloud and Facebook Gaming application.In the beginning of this month facebook gaming app has made to the Apple Store after almost a six months of rejection due to some issues or we can say due to the strict terms and conditions of the apple store.

Facebook said it accepted Apple's Demand to change its Gaming app to be able to bring it to the iPhone and iPad users.Apple also said that the Apple store does not allow third-party apps to distribute games as a separate platform.

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