Telegram Launching new features-Know them all

In this blog ill tell you about the latest feature that are recently launched by Telegram.Due to the pandemic situation Telegram has brought some amazing feature for the daily users and also for the peoples who are are working from home.This features includes search filters,anonymous admins and many more.

First one on our list is the search filter-well if you want to find some specific message then Telegram lets you do that.This application has created six categories,which includes Chats,Media,Links,Files,Music and Voice messages.This are the categories that will segregate your messages on the basic of the time,person,group and channels.This will allow users to find the required message sent or received in the past by using this filters in a very simple way.

The second one up on our list is the Channel comment-The post that are posted on the channels will now have comment section below it,that means the latest update of this application will now permit users to comment on a channel post.This use to be the one way earlier that means you were not allowed to comment.But here is the twist it will only be allowed in those channel which are linked on there discussion group.This comments are only be sent in the form of the voice messages,stickers and GIFs.This also give some advance feature to the admin such are blocking the comment,limiting the comment to maintain the sanctity and some standards of the group.

The Third is the Anonymous Admins-If you are admin of the some group on the Instagram application then you now have the ability to hide yourself and remain anonymised all the time.However any message from the admin will reflect in the group name in the conversation.Similarly this feature is also present in the telegram channel posts,isn't that cool.

The fourth feature is the Animation-For the android users out there Telegram has launched the pup-ups Animations which will depict interactive animation while deleting messages,saving media and changing notification along with several new emojis.Addition to this feature Telegram has also added the feature called Expand the keyboard,in which you can expand the keyboard size and also you can switch the modes that are the day and night mode from the left menu.

Well these are the cool features that Instagram has recently added to there update.Thank you guys for reading this blog,If you want to see more such blogs daily then please share and stay connected with us. 

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