PUBG Mobile Getting A Revamped Erangle Map On This September 8 Which Is Confirmed By Developer

On the official Twitter account of Pubg Mobile the company has twittet about the "NEW ERANGEL MAP" which is coming on September 8.Along with this PUBG Mobile also announced "The Dawn Of A New Era" community event where players can earn UC.

In the event mentioned above players have a chance to win 30,000 UC which will be in game currency.ALthough the game officials have made an announcement regarding the new map but the name of the new map is not revealed yet but there is a confirmation on the release date.

The tweet says "NEW Erangle" arrives on September 8th-share your screenshots and clips from the current Erangle & your favourite memories to enter our Dawn of a New Era competition".The refreshed map is only playable in the games beta version.

To earn the 30,000 UC players are required to share their screenshots and clips from the current Erangle map,there will be three categories for doing so - favourite Chicken Dinner memory (which you can send through the screenshot of the clip),Favourite screenshot on Erangle and Favourite Erangle video clip.Each category will have three winner and each winner will receive UC reward.

If you want to access the revamped Erangle map then you need to have a beta version of the game.This map has brought some aesthetics changes as well as some new elements along with some cool new weapons.

The new update 1.0 which is announced last week brings a great improvement to the character ,environment and in gun fights.talking about the overall quality the texture quality and lighting conditions has also been improved to give the game more realistic look,by which you can see the true colours of the sky,water and vegetation.

Major changes to the Map-

-Forgotten Trenches

-Tree-Trunk Barriers

-Abandoned Tanks


The other parts of the map such as the Sosnovka Military Base,Mylta Power,Mansion,Prison,Mine Zone and other will get the rebalanced loot,gears(attachments,ammo) and other resources.The update also brings Ultra-HD texture to PUBG Mobile.

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