Fortnite 2(Second) Chapter Season 4:Marvel Characters and many new things

As the "Nexus War" was launched on August 27 Fortnite second chapter season 4 was also launched.The Epic game tied-up with Marvel led to bringing in the Comic book superheroes to the fortune game.

The Superheroes consist of "Iron Man,Storm,Mystique,Doctor Doom,Wolverine,Groot and the She-Hulk".If you want to unlock the "Thor" then it can be unlocked with the purchase of Fortnite's season battle pass.

The comic-book storyline will be played soon in the few upcoming week.This is the biggest Marvel themed update for the battle royal game.However,there have been collaboration between the two companies (Epic and Marvel) featuring the character from Avenger: Infinity War and Avenger: Endgame.In the previous season,"Thor" warned everyone of Galactus and his sidekicks.

In the trailer "Nexus War","Thor" brings everyone together using Bifrost as they were fighting enemies on their own.The trailer ended with the Galactus approaching the planet.

Fortnite also made some changes to the map which includes the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier which is the new lobby area where the players wait until the fight begins.there are many comic book related references like Quinjets spread around the map or dead sentinels in the sentinels Graveyard.

Talking about the weapons-

-Tactical Shotgun (all rarities)

-Pistol (Epic/Legendary)

-Rapid Fire SMG (Rare/Epic/Legendary)

-Submachine Gun (all rarities)

-Hunting Rifle (Epic/Legendary)

-Flare Gun (Rare)

-Launch Pad (Epic)

-Stink Bomb (Rare)

-Decoy (Rare/Epic)

The above mentioned weapons comes under the vaulted weapons

-Pump Shotgun (all rarities)

-Revolver (Epic/Legendary)

-Scoped Assault Rifle (Uncommon/Rare)

-Tactical Submachine Gun (Uncommon/Rare/Epic)

-Shockwave Grenade (Epic)

-Boogie Bomb (Rare)

-Bounce Pad (Rare)

-Port-a-Fort (Rare)

New Weapons-

-Silver Surfer Board

-Groot's Bramble Shield

-Doctor Doom's Mystical Bomb

-Stark Industries

-Energy Rifle

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