Samsung Introducing its new SSD 980 pro M.2 NVMe which can deliver 5,000 MBps write speed

Samsung comes with new PCIe4.0 based M.2NVMe SSD which is future proof for your pc.This SSD comes with new technology to deliver super fast read and write speed.This drive comes with PCIe Gen-4 standards which means this drive is going to be 10 time faster then the most M.2 SSD's,and will be about twice the speed when compared to the 970 Pro.

Samsung said that this new SSD can deliver upto 7,000 MBps of the sequential read speed and 5,000 Mbps of sequential speed when it comes to the write is based on the NVMe 1.3c interface with V-NAND 3-bit MLC and a Samsung Elpis Controller packed in an M.2 (2280) from factory itself.This drive is suitable for customers and for professional out there.Now this drive is a bad ass that can support 4K and 8K working content that means you can render videos even more faster and you can go heavy on your gaming that too with high resolution support.

The heat is dissipated through the nickel coating on the controller as well as the heat spreader label on the backside of the drive as opposed to relying on an external copper heatsink,which means that samsung has taken good care of the thermal descipation.To further maintain the temperature of the drive Samsung Dynamic thermal guard technology is being used which gives minimum performance fluctuations.Customers also gets warranty of 5 years with the new 980 Pro SSD.

This drive will be available in 250GB,500Gb and 1TB storage options which we can expect the 2TB variant later this year.Talking about the price it will start from $89 that is around 6,500 RS.Although official Indian pricing has not be declared yet and nor it availability.Also it should be noted that PCIe 4.0 is not supported across all platforms,hence it is recommended to check your system before going out for this.

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