OnePlus Brings Android 11 of Zen Mode app to its Phone which are running on Android 10

For the Phones running on the Android 10 OnePlus has updated the focussed Zen Mode app for its smartphones.This will bring set of features that all were previously set to arrive through Oxygen Os 11 which is based on Android 11.Through the Recent developer preview of Oxygen OS 11 it's made its way to the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro.Just to give the user this Os 11 experience OnePlus has now brought the update Zen Mode app that gives similar experience on all its smartphone which are yet to receive the Android 11 based os update.

As per the XDA Developers the updated Zen Mode app enables the options to create a virtual room and invite friends to join and start a focus challenge together.This app also brings an update for the themes,to enhance your immersive meditation experience.

This update also lets you record your daily Zen moments and review your progress towards concentration and focus.

last month,OnePlus also gives a glimpse of all these feature while launching the HydrogenOs11 which is basically the Chinese version of OxygenOS 11.While the users testing the OxygenOS 11 also got the update of Zen Mode,However you can now experience them simply by updating the Zen mode app on the android 10 running OnepLus Smartphone.

This app is officially now available on the google play store and you can also download this application by going on the third party websites.

Zen Mode was first introduced with the OnePlus 7 Pro to bring the company's proprietary digital detox and meditation solution for an alternative to google digital wellbeing initiative.Later on this app reached out other OnePlus Phones through later software updates.

OnePlus has recently announced the OxygenOs 11 beta version for the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro,that brings in some more additional features to the OnePlus device to enhance the device performance.

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