Intel Coming Up With 11th Generation-Know More

Well the Intel has something to announce,firmly taking back its crown from the AMD's rapid rise across PC Desktop and laptops.we have seen an announcement about the intel 11th generation in August but now we have some benchmarks and specification of this processor which is obviously designed to have a battle against the AMD's processors.

This Processor will be called as Intel first 11th Gen Core Tiger Lake processor will be specially designed to take the performance level to next level for thin and light laptops.

Getting updated from the Sunny Cove in the 10th generation this processor is built with quad core CPUs and all the four cores will be the latest cores built with the Willow Cove microarchitecture.

The 11th generation processor has a capacity of boosting up to 4.8GHz which is 20% from the previous generation and is build with the Intel's 10nm SuperFin Technology.According to the leaks there will be Nine varieties of the CPUs which will range from low-power 7W upto 28W in the i3,i5 to i7 range.

Comparing The 11th generation with the Intel Ice Lake and the AMD's Ryzen,this processor is 32% faster and 24% faster respectively.And this is the great sign who are looking for the processor dedicated for video editing and streaming online games.

General Manager of Intel's PC group claims that "it's the most significant leap forward in a laptop processor in more than a decade"

Features of the processor-

- The Tiger Lake Processor is going to use the Xe integrated graphics,and this is the first processor to use this technology.

-This processor will support Thunderbolt 4 and WIFI 6.

-EVO,the new branding for project Athena expects to see this processor in the laptops because the intel certified that the laptop can run nine hours on  battery even at the modest setting.

-Intel says over 150 laptops will be acquired with this processor in the upcoming days,companies which include Acer,ASUS,Dell,Razer,Samsung and so on.

What will be the price of the processor-

-we don't have a clear idea about the price of the processor,but as far as last year is concerned the First Ice Lake laptops from Razer and Dell started from 1,500 USD.What you get for your dollars might still be tipped towards AMD.

The Intel is revamping its logo with a new look and it is also updating its classic five-note audio signature.The intel is doing this changes after 2006,that means after 14 years.A new logo means a new start or we can say fresh start for the Intel.

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